TRC's Eco-Value Screen

Identifying Opportunities for Sustainable Operational Improvement and Value Creation

TRC’s Eco-Value Screen recognizes that the environmental due diligence process can be more than a simple exercise in liability definition – it can also be a tool to identify business improvement opportunities. With Eco-Value Screen, TRC complements traditional due diligence, with its attention in risk definition/mitigation, with identification of opportunities for operational improvement, sustainable growth, and efficiency enhancement.

Eco-Value Screen is a value-creation tool that augments the due diligence review of environmental liability and compliance screening, with an assessment of opportunities to improve basic business operations and enhance Social & Governance issues:

  • Operational cost savings opportunities
  • Sustainable efficiency-enhancement strategies
  • Reputational liability definition and reputational improvement options

Investment professionals, business owners and corporate managers pursue Eco-Value Screen to enhance the environmental performance of their assets/portfolio-companies, capitalizing on challenges for environmental, social and governance (ES&G) factors, and ultimately producing more attractive returns on investment (ROI) at all levels.