Seller's Due Diligence

TRC prepares your assets for sale, presenting them in the best light and providing assurance to even the most risk-averse Buyer, maximizing final sale price and ultimate return on investment.

The value of an investment is realized on Exit. In order to maximize the value derived in Exit, TAS works with our clients to prepare the assets for sale, creating Seller’s due diligence for potential bidders, identifying all material environmental issues and presenting the risk resolution strategies employed and completed. Our efforts assure that there is no valuation disconnect between Buyer and Seller with regard to environmental liabilities.

TAS works for investors, portfolio companies and other stakeholders who seek to maximize the value created in their investments. Our goal is to assure that our clients realize the profits that should derive from their environmental investment strategies. The due diligence reports we create present a clear, concise summary of the critical business issues impacted by environmental risk and present risk resolution so as to allay any concern. Our work product is prepared to meet the needs of the deal executive, legal counsel, and financing professionals, focusing on liability resolution and associated financial implications.

Our Services include:

  • Phase I, Phase II, Phase III Environmental Site Assessment (ASTM Standard)
  • Environmental Liability Estimation (Single Target/Multi Target and Portfolio)
  • Environmental Risk Mapping