TRC's Remedy Screen


Defining the Value-Creation Potential in Your Environmental Remedial Obligations

Responsible parties that complete environmental cleanup efficiently and cost-effectively gain a valuable operational advantage. Environmental cleanup expenditures need not be in red ink.

TRC’s Remedy Screen is a strategic “x-ray” of the environmental liability of your asset/portfolio, seeking opportunities to gain efficiency and effectiveness. TRC’s experts know that an asset/portfolio with environmental liability presents an opportunity to enhance value and maximize Return on Investment. Remedy Screen goes beyond a simple comparison of a remedial approach to “industry norms”; it applies creative and ROI-driven strategies to maximize returns on environmental dollars, both in the short term and the long term.

Remedy Screen provides an independent diagnosis of the current plan/structure, cash reserves, approach and schedule of proposed or ongoing remedial activities. In addition, TRC assesses related business issues that can advance or fund remedial resolution, including: hidden land asset value, cash reserve adjustments, insurance package advancements, insurance strategies for future risk mitigation, and Exit price enhancements targeted to maximize asset value.

Whether just acquired, or in the operational term of an asset or portfolio, a Remedy Screen will identify opportunities to create value.