Environmental Cleanup

TRC creates efficient, sustainable environmental cleanup strategies, resolving the highly unpredictable costs/risk in a manner that is reliable and cost-effective.

In order to maximize the return on investment, it is critical to ensure that all monies invested in asset improvement are well spent – investment in environmental cleanup is no exception. TRC’s pragmatic approach to environmental cleanup is unique to the industry.

Understanding Our Clients’ Financial Interests

Our clients can rely upon the budgets we develop for their cleanup projects. TRC’s cleanup plans are developed and executed to reliably resolve the otherwise highly variable environmental regulatory risks impacting a contaminated asset.

Offering Superior Technical Expertise

The cornerstone of each cleanup project is TRC’s national bench of >3,000 technical experts. TRC develops site-specific regulatory strategies paired with state-of-the-art technical/engineering plans; we then employ proprietary remedial risk modeling techniques to predict not only the cost but the anticipated cash flow of the project.

Creating Strategies that Reflect and Satisfy Our Clients’ Business Needs

TRC’s cleanup plans achieve the Client’s business goals for a contaminated asset, whether they are closure of a purchase/sale transaction, resolution of a legacy liability, or cleanup/re-positioning of a currently operating asset.

  • Exit Strategy®
  • Environmental Liability Transfer
  • Guaranteed Fixed-Price Remediation (GFPR)
  • Aligned-Interest Remediation
  • Technical/Strategic Support in Development/Employment of Environmental Insurance