Buyer's Due Diligence

TAS supports investment decisions that create value through focused, strategic environmental due diligence.

In today’s competitive transaction markets, Buyers, whether individual, corporate or private equity, are exercising unprecedented deal discipline – dispassionately assessing investment opportunities for their associated risks as well as their potential return on investment. TRC embraces this discriminating approach, supplying the same analytical rigor and employing TRC’s comprehensive range of industry and technical expertise to the exacting effort required to vet an investment opportunity.

We understand that there are two extremes in due diligence performance:

(1) Failure to complete comprehensive due diligence can result in acquisition of a target that does not perform to plan or the discovery of a material issue post-acquisition that undermines the value of the overall investment.

(2) Due diligence that is too conservative can delay or “kill” a deal that offered the opportunity for creation of true value.

TAS leads the industry in the assessment of the probability, timing, and financial impact of environmental risk, spelling out the potential for liability/cost as well as the opportunity for efficient risk resolution and creation of value. We work for investors, portfolio companies and other stakeholders who seek to achieve the profit that can be derived from the accurate assessment and valuable resolution of environmental risk. Our due diligence analyses support acquisition activities, debt securitization, and post-acquisition growth/maintenance of target/portfolio operations.

Our Services include:

  • Phase I, Phase II, Phase III Environmental Site Assessment (ASTM Standard)
  • Environmental Liability Estimation (Single Target/Multi Target and Portfolio)
  • Remedy Screen
  • Compliance Screen
  • Eco-Value Screen