Sustainable Remediation


TRC remains a leader in remediation by delivering the latest science and technology to solve our clients' most challenging projects. Recognizing the need to solve these challenges while balancing environmental, social, and financial considerations, TRC integrates sustainable remediation principles across a project's life cycle.


TRC implements sustainable cleanups by incorporating best management practices such as:

  • Promoting the use of innovative solutions using sustainable products, processes, technologies, and procedures that mitigate contaminant risk to human health and the environment, while reducing material resource consumption and carbon footprints.
  • Considering community goals, economic impacts, and net environmental effects during the investigation, construction, redevelopment, and monitoring of remediation sites.
  • Incorporating management strategies to reduce our client’s future liabilities and ongoing maintenance while enabling property to be returned to beneficial use.
  • Using best management practices that reduce energy, water, and material resource consumption during remediation (e.g. phytoremediation; natural attenuation; in situ treatment technologies, and institutional controls).
  • Integrating renewal energy resources during investigation, remediation, and monitoring of waste sites to reduce environmental footprints and achieve more sustainable cleanups.