Renewable Energy


TRC provides engineering, permitting and transmission design services to support the development of renewable energy projects including solar, wind, hydro, biomass, tidal and fuel cells.


TRC has a long history of excellence in the energy industry, including permitting of a wide variety of renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind, and hydro. In addition to our full-service permitting capabilities, TRC also has extensive experience in civil and electrical engineering, power delivery, and construction oversight.

We support some of the country’s leading energy companies. Our engineers and scientists are at the forefront as U.S. government policies evolve and focus on renewable energy development, end user energy management, and environmental protection. We are proud of our past and dedicated to supporting the energy industry to meet the needs of a growing nation.

TRC Services include:

  • Site Selection support
  • Meteorological monitoring and data analysis
  • Field modeling
  • Computational fluid dynamics modeling
  • Permitting and Environmental Support
  • Zoning and site planning
  • Permit strategy and critical path scheduling
  • Human health effects assessments
  • Environmental liability assessments
  • Biological assessments and ecological impact analyses
  • Avian and bat studies
  • Wetlands and ecological assessments
  • Threatened and endangered species clearances
  • Cultural resources clearances

  • Noise impact analyses
  • Visual simulations
  • Site assessment and remediation design and implementation
  • Interconnection capacity studies
  • Power systems studies
  • Reliability committee submittals
  • Transmission line, collector system, substation and switchyard engineering/design
  • Civil engineering design, including access roads and road improvements,
  • Construction support, including engineering, procurement, and construction
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Agency negotiations
  • Expert Witness testimony/presentations

See also Hydropower Licensing, Relicensing and Compliance.