Public Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement


As challenges to pipeline, power, and transportation infrastructure development continue to increase, the implementation of a meaningful and comprehensive public and regulatory outreach and engagement program is essential to promote project success. 


With a “Speed to Market” focus, our outreach approach is designed to mitigate project delays by addressing social concerns while complying with regulatory obligations. We leverage our technical strengths across a range of practices to incorporate strategies that remove project uncertainty from changing policies; stronger, organized, and well-funded interest groups; and a changing political landscape. Our program extends into project operation and maintenance to avoid permitting violations, foster continued stakeholder relations, and establish a positive environment for future projects.

  • Stakeholder Identification and Database Management
  • Stakeholder Management Plans
  • Public Participation Planning and Implementation
  • Informational Materials and Graphics
  • Social Media Mining and Analysis
  • Public Meeting Coordination and Facilitation
  • Community and Elected Official Engagement
  • Consulting Party and Special Purpose Meetings
  • Regulatory Engagement and Support
  • Risk Assessment and Incident Management
  • Comprehensive Training Services