Distributed Energy Systems & Microgrids


Today’s electric grid is being fundamentally transformed--in terms of how electricity is being generated, distributed, and used. New potential for resiliency and integration with distributed generation and demand side resources has arrived. And TRC has the right integrated, multi-disciplined services to deliver capacity at scale.


Movement towards a distributed power model presents new opportunities and challenges for consumers, utilities, agencies, and communities. With this in mind, TRC experts can help you navigate this potential and assess, plan, design, and construct the right distributed energy system (DES) for today and years to come.

Our multi-disciplined experts in power infrastructure, renewable energy, energy storage, and energy efficiency are poised to help you actualize the electric grid of the future. We offer solutions that address both sides of the meter—from comprehensive distributed generation and demand side management to integration with traditional grid infrastructure and utility systems. Whether it’s a system for a single neighborhood or across an entire portfolio, TRC helps our clients achieve their most challenging goals: 

  • Strengthen grid resiliency, including protecting critical facilities during severe weather
  • Reliability, load management, efficient grid operations
  • Offset aging infrastructure replacements
  • Integrate and scale distributed energy resources
  • Enhance energy efficiency, demand response, advanced technologies
  • Reduce energy costs and GHG emissions
  • Demonstrate sustainability & community leadership

Our Services Include:

  • Microgrids and non-wires alternatives
  • Renewable energy (wind, solar, geothermal, etc.)
  • Energy storage & load balancing
  • Energy efficiency
  • Power generation, distribution, transmission
  • Interconnect engineering
  • Strategic & technical advisor
  • Research, site selection, feasibility assessment
  • System design engineering, procurement,  construction (EPC)
  • Controls, communication, cyber & physical security
  • NERC CIP compliance evaluation & design
  • Environmental permitting
  • Program design & implementation

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