Restoration Services


TRC personnel are highly qualified with years of design and field experience, much of it gained from working directly for utilities. Familiarity with the processes and challenges of restoration allows us to uniquely integrate within the host utility organization and provide support for work assignments traditionally handled by utility personnel.


During storm restorations, TRC offers a broad base of utility storm management expertise and familiarity with the logistics of damage evaluation services to support our clients. The ability to augment the client management team provides the utility with an expanded resource pool to supplement needed classifications that can otherwise restrict their ability to maintain management control of the event.

Our extensive team of engineers, designers, and field service personnel are well versed in the planning, design, and construction of distribution systems. TRC’s storm support services, coupled with the normal “distribution planning and design” capabilities of the firm, offer the client rapid evaluation for restoration of facilities, identification and records update of as-builts, and circuit design improvements to enhance reliability.

During Hurricane Sandy in 2012, TRC deployed over 150 resources consisting of field engineering and support staff to assist various clients in managing restoration activities such as damage assessment and field supervision.

In addition, TRC responded multiple times to assist clients with damage evaluation during the storms and flooding in Texas during 2015.