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Electric transmission and generation utilities face an increasing range of mandatory NERC compliance obligations. TRC provides support from standards requirement tracking to NERC audit preparation and NERC compliance program improvements to ensure system reliability and mitigate regulatory risks. 


At any given time, there are numerous concurrent standards under revision by NERC. Changes are ongoing across all of the NERC reliability standard families including Protection Relay and Control (PRC), Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), Transmission Planning (TPL), System Modelling (MOD), and Facilities Design, Connection and Maintenance (FAC). The continually evolving compliance obligations require careful monitoring to effectively manage regulatory risk. You need a trusted advisor to help you stay current with and understand interrelated NERC requirements across standards families.

TRC’s utility engineers and technical staff provide NERC Compliance solutions addressing power system studies, facility ratings, protection and controls, maintenance, mandatory testing and physical and cyber security. We work with you, onsite, to analyze your state of compliance with mandatory NERC and Regional reliability standards. We will provide a GAP analysis to document what needs to be completed in order to be ready for a compliance audit, identify weak areas, recommend improvements and provide technical, procedural, process based or internal control solutions so you can demonstrate full compliance.

TRC’s NERC Compliance Services include:

  • Pre Audit Evaluation
  • Post Audit Program Support including Mitigation Plan development and implementation
  • Internal Controls Evaluation
  • Inherent Risk Assessment Evaluation
  • Compliance Program Development
  • On Going Standard Compliance Tracking
  • Maintenance Procedures
  • Subject Matter Expertise in PRC, CIP, TPL, FAC, MOD and other standards families

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