System Studies & Planning


TRC offers power system planning and studies for transmission distribution and industrial power systems. We understand your complex local and regional electrical grid and internal plant issues, and provide assistance and training in power system relaying, conceptual design and operation.


Distributed generation, renewables, and evolving regulatory, environmental and system security requirements are changing the utility landscape, adding a new level of complexity for your utility system operations. TRC can help.

We give you the information you need to make informed decisions about your power system. We perform power delivery system planning analyses and system impact studies for a variety of customers, including investor-owned utilities, merchant power plant developers, independent system operators and commercial/industrial facilities. We specialize in system planning reliability assessment work in the areas of steady state, dynamic and short circuit studies for all voltage levels of power delivery, including load and generation additions. Our staff of well-qualified and experienced engineers are knowledgeable users of PSS/E, PSLF, MUST, ASPEN, SKM, MilSoft, PSCAD, CYME and other software tools used for delivery system analyses.

Our Power Systems Studies services include:

  • Regional power plow and dynamic base case development in both PSLF and PSSE
  • NERC TPL compliance studies
  • Steady state, dynamic, and short circuit studies for generation additions
  • Transmission and distribution system expansion studies
  • ISO and RTO system addition compliance studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Transmission and distribution system operating studies
  • Capacitor bank switching and application studies
  • System reliability assessment and recommendations
  • Power system computer modeling
  • Power flow and stability studies
  • Short circuit fault analyses
  • Motor start analyses loss analyses

  • Reactive compensation analyses
  • Generation and emergency
  • Generation analyses
  • Power management system studies
  • Evaluation of power supply alternatives
  • Field surveys of electrical facilities
  • Insulation coordination
  • Grounding analyses
  • Switching surge studies
  • Cable sizing
  • Voltage drop studies
  • Arc flash studies

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Power System Studies

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