Threatened & Endangered Species


TRC has proven experience in identifying and addressing RTE species and/or critical habitat concerns for our energy, infrastructure, and industrial market clients.


The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) share responsibility for administering the Federal Endangered Species Act (ESA). In addition, many states have their own regulations that expand the potential list of flora and fauna involved in siting and permitting projects.

TRC GIS experts and biologists perform initial desktop data collection and assessment, and then study/survey plans are developed to meet agency requirements while minimizing the cost to our clients. Our large group capability allows us to put multiple field teams in action simultaneously, and to cover all states. We efficiently and accurately collect data, whether it is for habitat surveys or presence/absence surveys, and prepare this information for inclusion into Biological Evaluations (BE) and/or Biological Assessments (BA). TRC identifies potential RTE species and/or critical habitat issues and addresses agency concerns in a responsible, efficient, and cost-effective manner to meet project needs and comply with federal and state protocols.

Our RTE species assessment services include:

  • Applicant representation during permitting
  • Informal and formal consultations
  • RTE species and habitat surveys

  • Critical habitat surveys
  • BE and/or BA preparation
  • Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) development