Dams/Water Resources


Water resources issues can, and often do, have a significant economic and social impact on society. Leveraging broad resources and recognized experts in the field, TRC delivers timely and effective solutions to your most pressing water-related challenges.


TRC provides a wide range of analytical, engineering and design services to help our clients successfully manage a host of challenging water resource needs. We identify solutions that carefully balance all associated environmental, ecological and economic concerns and strive to achieve results that enable you to successfully protect, conserve and enhance your most important assets.

Our associated services support a diverse array of requirements, including those related to municipal, industrial and agricultural use; transportation infrastructure; household supply; and recreational enjoyment.

Our Water Resources services include:

Dam safety, design and engineering

  • Inspection and assessment
  • Dam design
  • Spillway adequacy analysis
  • Breach analysis/inundation mapping
  • Stability analysis/seepage control
  • Hazard classification determination
  • Rehabilitation
  • Decommissioning
  • New construction
  • Construction phase services
  • Permitting
  • Operation and maintenance manuals
  • Emergency Action Plans (EAP)

Water supply analysis

  • Water availability modeling
  • Water right applications/amendments (Run-of-River and Reservoir)
  • Proposed water right impact and water loss studies
  • Reservoir operations studies
  • Canal operations studies

Hydrology and hydraulics

  • Watershed studies and modeling
  • Flood control structures
  • Roadway and site drainage system design
  • Storm water management studies
  • Culvert and bridge hydraulics (including tidal and tidal-influenced conditions)
  • River mechanics and surface water modeling (fluvial and tidal flood events)
  • River geomorphology studies and analysis
  • Flood hazard analysis and FEMA studies
  • Flood hazard mitigation
  • Bridge scour and foundation stability studies
  • Stream bank/roadway embankment erosion studies
  • Scour and erosion countermeasure designs
  • Regulatory permitting
  • Expert witness testimony/litigation support
  • Transient groundwater modeling (both water supply and contaminant plume simulations)

Water quality/wastewater

  • Wastewater discharge permitting (municipal/industrial)
  • Surface water quality studies
  • Water quality modeling (stream/tidal/lake/plume)
  • Groundwater quality studies and modeling