Steel/Concrete Fabrication Inspection and Testing


Precast/prestressed concrete and structural steel products are an integral part of today’s construction industry. To help ensure that these products will perform as intended, TRC offers robust Quality Assurance capabilities to give you confidence that mandated thresholds for quality have been achieved.


TRC plant and shop inspectors are specialists at ensuring that fabricated concrete and steel components are produced to meet precise specifications in accordance with established quality assurance programs. Our staff members hold accreditation from national programs, while comprehensive in-house training and rigid Quality Assurance (QA) protocols ensure that our inspectors maintain their competency.

Whether your needs involve the inspection of off-site fabrication plants or shops, or on-site casting yards and structures, TRC can resource inspectors with accreditation from such respected organizations as the American Concrete Institute, Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute, American Welding Society, National Precast Certification Association, American Society of Non-Destructive Testing and NACE International. We employ more than 50 inspectors who are dedicated to the performance of precast/prestressed concrete fabrication plant and steel fabrication shop inspection, all of whom are equipped with the appropriate testing equipment, laptop computers and digital cameras to efficiently and effectively carry out their duties

Our Steel/Concrete Fabrication Inspection and Testing services include:

Precast/Prestressed concrete fabrication

  • Ensure adherence to approved QA/QC programs
  • Observe production methods
  • Perform QA site or plant inspections
  • Verify sampling and testing by plant personnel
  • Ensure proper calibration of plant equipment
  • Recommend acceptance/rejection of products that deviate from specification
  • Inspect product storage and shipping procedures

Steel fabrication

  • Inspect welding, air-arc gouging, and heat curving
  • Verify material quality
  • Verify the qualification of all welders and non-destructive testing (NDT) operators and observe the performance of each
  • Examine preparation, fit up and welding
  • Visually inspect 100% of all welds
  • Witness/perform NDT of welds and materials
  • Maintain a record of non-conforming members