Bridge Studies and Design


Whether taking inventory of existing structures, rehabilitating an aging bridge or proposing a new or reconstructed structure, TRC has the expertise to address your most critical infrastructure needs.


TRC has the skills and experience to address all of the challenges confronting your bridge-related needs. From conceptual studies, to the evaluation of rehabilitation or replacement options, to the load rating of structures and anything in between, TRC’s experienced bridge engineers have the expertise to address even your most complex bridge-related challenges. While the majority of our work follows the traditional design-bid-build process, we recognize the advantages of pursuing alternative delivery mechanisms, such as design-build and public-private partnerships, and actively participate on such projects when possible.

Types of bridges that we typically work on include:

  • Concrete arch
  • Simple and multi-span steel through truss
  • Steel deck truss
  • Prestressed concrete box girder
  • Timber
  • Precast and cast-in-place concrete slabs
  • Precast/prestressed box girder and I-girder
  • Steel box girder
  • Concrete segmental
  • Plate girder (tangent and curved)

Our many award-winning designs demonstrate our commitment to go beyond a "business as usual" approach on behalf of our clients when faced with unique challenges. Moreover, regular in-depth peer reviews serve to ensure the delivery of design solutions that adhere to established Federal, state and local guidelines, keep projects on schedule and control costs.

Our Bridge Studies and Design services include:

  • Design and location studies
  • New and replacement structures (movable and fixed)
  • Structure widening
  • Substructure and superstructure repair details
  • Bridge demolition plans
  • Bridge erection plans
  • Emergency inspections and repairs
  • Geotechnical engineering/investigations
  • Hydrology and hydraulics

  • Load ratings
  • NBIS safety inspections
  • Scour analysis
  • Seismic analysis and evaluation
  • Seismic retrofit strategies
  • Sheeting and shoring design
  • Shop drawing review
  • Retaining walls