Air Emission Testing


With more than 200 air quality scientists and engineers operating from a network of 19 offices, TRC’s Air Measurement Services (AMS) practice offers unparalleled breadth and depth of emission testing capabilities within a day’s drive of more than 90% of the emission sources in the United States.


TRC has been active in the stationary source testing arena since the 1970's, amassing the knowledge and experience that allow us to readily support both routine and unique testing programs. Today, TRC is one of the world’s largest providers of emission testing services and the first Air Emission Testing Body (AETB) to obtain accreditation to ASTM D7036 (Standard Practice for Competence of Air Emission Testing Bodies) from A2LA and the Stack Testing Accreditation Council (STAC).

Our team of experts can design and implement an emissions testing program that provides defensible data of documented quality for applications ranging from process optimization, to regulatory compliance demonstration, to litigation support. Today, we perform as many as 50 test programs each week supporting our client needs in the following areas:

Compliance Demonstrations - We provide the full range of reference method testing services to support the compliance demonstration requirements of New Source Performance Standards (NSPS), National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAPS), state and local operating permits, and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

Continuous Monitoring Systems - Regulatory requirements continue to shift towards continuous demonstration of compliance. In addition to conducting initial certification tests and ongoing quality assurance tests for Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems, Predictive Emissions Monitoring Systems, and Continuous Parameter Monitoring Systems (CEMS, PEMS and CPMS), TRC is a national leader in the installation, operation and maintenance of temporary CEMS.

Vendor Guarantee Demonstrations - We assist original equipment manufacturers and their customers with comprehensive test programs to document the emission performance of newly installed equipment. From a package boiler at a small manufacturing facility, to multiple large-frame combined-cycle combustion turbines at a generating station, to a complex 40-person testing program on board a vessel in the Arctic Circle, TRC is ready to service your next demonstration.

Diagnostic Testing – We apply our emission measurement expertise to data generation applications that support process optimization, air dispersion modeling, emissions inventories and permit applications, expert witness testimony, and litigation.

Regardless of the application, TRC applies our core values of Safety, Quality, and Integrity to every project we conduct.