Environmental Health & Safety Audits


TRC works with clients to review and/or develop tailored audit programs and protocols, train internal auditors and design a corrective action program that ensures the company is meeting its corporate governance directives and maintaining regulatory compliance. When traditional compliance audit programs fail to drive change in attitudes, behaviors and culture, we look for root causes through risk-based audits, system gap assessments and analysis of existing controls.


We develop tailored models and toolsets to advance compliance assurance goals. From assisting with program development to leading audit teams, our services encompass the following:

  • EHS compliance audits
  • EHS management system assessments
  • EHS risk-based audits
  • Transportation and security audits
  • Eco-efficiency audits (waste minimization, water foot printing, energy audits)

  • Business transaction risk screening (purchase, sale or decommissioning operations)
  • Verification and assurance of sustainability data and reporting
  • Supply chain audits
  • Behavior based safety program auditing

EHS Management Solutions with Mobile Audit Link

TRC’s Mobile Audit Link offers innovative solutions for managing your environmental, health and safety, and management system (EHSMS) compliance programs more effectively. 

With our powerful data collection, management and reporting features you’ll spend less time documenting field activities and more time on identifying compliance gaps or systemic weaknesses and analyzing trends, so you can implement corrective actions in real-time.

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