Oil & Gas Spill Response


The TRC Midland operations is capable of responding to oil and gas related spills within the Permian Basin, or within a 200 mile radius of the Midland Operations. Our response time is limited to no longer than four hours. We are able to respond with multiple layers of management, including safety services, as well as labor and any heavy equipment needed for the site


The TRC operations based out of Midland has been performing Emergency Spill Response for 14 years. The responses have ranged from small and large pipeline releases, to highway rollover accidents. We work with the clients, as well as the government agencies to minimize the damage to the environment in a safe and effective manner. We are capable of responding to all spills with the proper management and oversight personnel, an army of individuals needed to contain and control the location, the proper heavy equipment needed to contain and remediate the location, as well as the safety personnel and equipment needed to do it safely. We are planning on extending this service to the Oklahoma City area in this fiscal year to afford our clients their the same service we provide to the Permian Basin.