Sediment Remediation


TRC has successfully managed clients’ contaminated sediment issues, bringing those sites to closure. TRC served as the engineer of record and remediation contractor for a variety of remedies, including monitored natural recovery, enhanced natural recovery through thin layer covers, capping, in situ treatment, river restoration, removal-in-the-dry, and wet dredging approaches.


TRC develops effective solutions using sound scientific, engineering, and construction management expertise, including assessment methodology, risk evaluation, remedial options analysis, and sediment management experienced gained at numerous complex project sites. TRC’s goal is to use a holistic and good science approach to address the environmental liabilities (e.g., CERCLA, NRDA, etc.) in a cost-effective manner and to gain site closure.

TRC’s experts develop site-specific strategies and solutions that address the contaminated sediment challenge, while reducing the overall cost of managing these environmental liabilities.

Our services include the following:

  • Public communications assistance (e.g., visual presentations of proposed remedy, and technical and risk communications)
  • Permit acquisition
  • Innovative sediment capping and in situ treatment technologies
  • Environmental dredging
  • Construction management/turnkey solutions
  • Site restoration
  • Performance-based remediation, delivering cost, schedule, and regulatory certainty
  • Remedy performance monitoring
  • Cost allocation expertise (e.g., PCBs, mercury, dioxin, PAHs, in-depth knowledge of related industrial processes)
  • Natural Resource Damage assessment assistance