Risk Assessment & Toxicology


TRC provides risk assessment to enable clients to make decisions that can help significantly reduce the cost of cleanup and accelerate sites toward closure.


Risk assessment is the tool to determine if human or ecological receptors could be affected by impacts in soil, groundwater, air, surface water, or sediment. If impacts are a concern, risk management is the tool that determines what actions could be taken to minimize human or ecological risk. As a result, using risk assessment and risk management tools may help significantly reduce the cost of cleanup and accelerate your site toward closure.TRC recognizes that the completion of a human health or ecological risk assessment is a significant milestone in the pathway to issue resolution. A well-designed risk assessment provides information which facilitates the identification of optimal solutions within the context of factors, including:

Our Risk Assessment & Toxicology service include:

  • Technical and financial resources
  • Economic and political values
  • Risk-reduction strategies

In addition to preparing site-specific and community based risk assessments, TRC’s staff of toxicologists, health scientists and engineers understand that risk communication and community relations are often integral to solving real world challenges posed by environmental toxicants. Coupled with our experience designing and implementing engineering, administrative and institutional controls, TRC’s services truly yield results you can rely on to protect human health and the environment, reduce liabilities, and optimize tailored solutions to your risk management challenges.