Geotechnical Engineering and Solid Waste Management


TRC has been performing environmental permitting, design, construction, remediation and closure of solid waste landfills and industrial impoundments for over 35 years—always with a focus on safety and quality to meet our client’s business needs.

TRC’s engineering team provides full-service consulting, including environmental and geotechnical expertise for the siting, design, construction and soils testing of engineering projects for a wide range of industries, such as metal casting, forest products, oil and gas, solid waste management, and electrical generation.

Geo-Environmental Engineering, Design, and Construction

  • Waste characterization and analyses
  • Planning studies/alternatives analyses
  • Site/Facility selection
  • Permit applications
  • Design services
  • Construction services
  • Environmental compliance
  • Operations, closure, and post-closure
  • Earthen- and geosynthetic-lined containment systems
  • Remediation

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Construction inspection and testing
  • Foundation investigations
  • Geotechnical site assessments
  • Levee evaluation
  • Liquefaction analysis
  • Site stabilization/ground modification programs
  • Slope stability studies
  • Soil and rock mechanics

Computer Aided Design and Geographic Information Systems (CADD/GIS)

  • 2-D and 3-D design plans
  • “Photo-realistic” site/facility representations and animated graphics, including drive-by and fly-by simulations
  • Linear project route planning and alternatives analysis
  • Monitoring/test site inventory and modeling
  • Terrain modeling and visual impact analysis
  • Criteria-based facility siting studies and site viability analysis
  • Data evaluation/management
  • Construction volume and material quantity takeoffs

Geotechnical and Material Testing (field and lab)

  • Physical testing and analysis of earthen and industrial byproduct materials
  • QA/QC testing to verify construction materials are compliant with
  • Specifications
  • Technical support related to in-field sampling

Gas Collection and Control

  • Site investigations
  • Monitoring programs
  • Feasibility studies
  • Energy recovery
  • System design
  • Construction services
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Emissions and air permitting

Storm Water Management

  • Site drainage evaluations
  • Storm water management systems design
  • Permitting strategy development and implementation
  • Preparation of storm water pollution prevention plans

Subsurface Investigations

  • Subsurface borings for geologic characterization
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Data reporting
  • Groundwater surface mapping and flow direction identification
  • Subsurface soil strata investigation
  • Computer modeling of groundwater and geology
  • Geophysical testing