Pre- and Post-Acquisition Building O&M and Environmental Compliance


TRC works with Investors throughout the asset management phase to incorporate environmental risk resolution into the overall Business Integration Plan, assuring the expected return on all environmental investments.


Even the best investment decisions can be derailed with poor post-acquisition integration. Early, accurate and structured integration ensures that Investors derive the expected value from an acquisition.

TRC understands the importance of value-driven integration. We work with our clients to develop 100-Days Integration Plans that: (i) identify requirements/opportunities; (ii) prioritize time and expenditures; and (iii) allow for the monitoring/measuring of progress. As our clients initiate their 100-day Integration Plans, TRC incorporates both the environmental risks and the environmental opportunities identified during due diligence in a manner that is clear, prioritized, and measurable. Many Investors that succeed in maximizing long-term value, plan for integration and synergy capture of environmental risks/opportunities at the due diligence stage—in fact, before acquisition. This pre-acquisition “head-start” allows them to plan for not only short-term issues, such as correcting identified compliance concerns, but for long-term opportunities as well, such as efficient remedial resolution prior to Exit.

Services include:

  • Environmental Risk Mapping – Prioritize Risks Scope/Scale/Schedule for Environmental Risk Resolution
  • Remedy Screen
  • Compliance Screen
  • Eco-Value Screen
  • Environmental Opportunity Mapping – Prioritize Opportunities Scope/Scale/Schedule for Environmental Opportunity Capture
  • Integration of Environmental Risk/Opportunity into 100-Days Integration Plan
  • Creation of Monitoring Plan for Successful Integration of Environmental Issues