White Paper   |   Mar 2nd, 2016 Vapor Intrusion Mitigation - Let Me Count the Ways

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Industry’s increased focus on vapor intrusion has escalated to the point where we regularly receive calls from clients saying, "Help! I have a vapor intrusion (VI) problem! How much will it cost to fix?” 

New technologies are emerging, offering multiple methods of mitigating indoor air inhalation risks and meeting increasingly stringent screening levels. However, selecting the proper mitigation for either new construction or building retrofits can be daunting. Mitigation technologies and costs vary widely, depending upon the contaminant and the building construction.

There is no “one size fits all” solution for VI mitigation. Knowing both the site characteristics and the contaminants of concern is critical to selecting the most cost-effective mitigation option. The varying characteristics of different chemical compounds also have an impact. Mitigation approaches can include ventilation, pressurization/depressurization, and source control.

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