White Paper   |   Sep 11th, 2013 Nip/Tuck Method: A Solution to Providing Additional Conductor-to-Ground Clearances for Transmission Lines

With the advent of sophisticated survey methods such as LiDAR, and interactive design programs like PLS-CADD, the engineer has more options, and more accurate tools than ever before to solve clearance problems. This paper explores the use of the Nip/Tuck method to solve clearance violations on transmission lines. The Nip/Tuck method uses a multi-span analysis in which a more accurate prediction of sag behavior can lead to more economical solutions. One possibility is to remove a section of a conductor (Nip) to allow local decreases in sag. Another, is ‘sliding’ the conductor through an insulator string (Tuck), allowing for a shifting of sags. With either approach, the engineer has more economic options to consider.