Regulatory Update   |   Feb 12th, 2016 Revised CIP Standards Approved by FERC


On January 21, 2016 FERC issued Order No. 822 approving the revised CIP version 5 (V5) standards modified by NERC and its stakeholders in response to FERC’s earlier directives.

The approved CIP standards provide for new cyber security controls and require that a greater number of utility systems be protected. Due to the complexity of the changes, NERC has been facilitating utility compliance planning through its comprehensive CIP Transition Program.

Utilities should be well underway with their implementation plans in order to be compliant with the CIP standards by the effective dates commencing in April 2016. However the timing of the January 21 order has created an implementation plan complication utilities should be aware of.

Please download TRC’s latest Regulatory Update for more about:

  • Approved Standards
  • Standard Development Background
  • 2016 Directives
  • Transition Guidance
  • Future Standards Development
  • Implementation Planning and Effective Dates
  •  Next Steps to Prepare

The approved CIP V5 standards are effective between April 1, 2016 and September 1, 2018. The CIP standards will evolve as a result of the changing nature of the security threats. Utilities should continue to stay abreast of those changes and adapt their CIP standards compliance programs to these changing standards.

For more information, please review our Regulatory Update or contact us today.