Regulatory Update   |   Oct 30th, 2015 Program Implementation Details Announced for Ohio Abandoned Service Station Cleanup Fund

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On October 27, 2015, the Ohio Development Services Agency (DSA) revealed process details about the new $20 million Abandoned Service Station Fund. This fund will provide grants of $100,000 for assessment and $500,000 for the cleanup of old gas station sites throughout Ohio. Sites must have a Class C designation through the Ohio Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulation (BUSTR) that affirms there is no viable responsible party for the petroleum releases at the property. Evidence of a release is also required. It is anticipated that applications will be available in winter 2015-2016.

This funding will provide grants for municipalities to turn vacant or distressed property into developable land and a community asset. Priority will be given to vacant gas or service stations with the greatest environmental, community, and economic impact. These characteristics will be measured and weighted as part of the Ohio DSA application scoring system.

While public entities need to apply for and manage the funds they do not need to own the property. The applicant will need to have an access agreement with the property owner and a plan for future land use.

Please download TRC’s Regulatory Update to learn more about:

  • Funding Rounds
  • Application Procedures
  • Recommended Next Steps

TRC recommends that communities learn more about their eligible sites, the award process, and potential hurdles for projects. We are committed to assisting Ohio communities by identifying high scoring properties, addressing data gaps, understanding regulatory programs and preparing grant applications.

For more information, download our Regulatory Update, or contact us today.

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