Regulatory Update   |   Jul 20th, 2017 NERC Releases 2017 State of Reliability Report

Electric Voltage Control Room Of A Power Plant

On June 15, 2017 NERC published its 2017 State of Reliability Report covering the performance of the Bulk Power System (BPS) in 2016. The report assesses the reliability performance of the BPS over the past year, compares the results with prior years (going back to 2010 in many cases) and identifies power system reliability performance risks. The report identifies areas for improvement, including protection system misoperations.

Download TRC's latest Regulatory Update for more information about:

  • Protection system misoperations trends
  • System performance by NERC region
  • NERC activities to address misoperations
  • NERC's MIDAS data collection process
  • How to prepare for success 

Misoperations continue to be a significant risk factor detracting from reliable operation of the power system. Implementing a quality control program can make significant contributions to reducing the number misoperations which must be reported to NERC under the PRC-004-5(i) mandatory standard and ultimately mitigated.

For more information, please download our Regulatory Update