Regulatory Update   |   Nov 27th, 2017 NERC Moves Toward Periodic Review Process for Select Mandatory Standards

Compliance Puzzle

Because a number of its mandatory standards are now at a mature level, NERC has concluded that, going forward, in many cases only a periodic review of every five to ten years will be required in accordance with the NERC Standard Processes Manual (Section 13). The periodic review program may be a potential source of change for mandatory standard requirements and will have implications for your NERC compliance efforts.

The following periodic review projects which may be important to TRC’s clients are currently under way:

  • VAR-001, VAR-002 Enhanced Periodic Review of Voltage and Reactive Standards
  • FAC-008-3 Facility Ratings Periodic Review
  • NUC-001-3 Nuclear Plant Interface Coordination Periodic Review

Periodic reviews are expected occur at a reduced pace compared to the level of standards modification activity in recent years. Most of NERC’s standards development efforts in the next three years will focus on periodic reviews in standards families where there may be new or emerging risks that would generate new standard development projects.

The annual NERC Reliability Standards Development Plan includes projects that address the five or ten-year periodic review of certain standards. If a Reliability Standard is nearing its review period and issues needing resolution have been identified, the Reliability Standards Development Plan calls for the complete review and potential revisions to the Reliability Standard.

Keeping up to date with the periodic review process is critical to maintaining NERC compliance. For more information, please download our Regulatory Update