Regulatory Update   |   Jan 9th, 2015 FERC Approves NERC Physical Security Standard


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has approved NERC’s CIP-014-1 standard which addresses physical security improvements for critical energy facilities.

The standard, which becomes effective in late 2015, imposes significant new requirements on utilities in the US. Transmission owners and operators must now perform risk assessments to identify critical transmission substations and primary control centers. Physical security plans must be developed and implemented for each identified asset.

TRC’s latest Regulatory Update provides more details about the requirements of CIP-014-1 including:

  • Risk assessments to help identify critical transmission substations and primary control centers;
  • Planning procdures that must include specific measures to deter, detect, delay, assess, communicate and respond to potential physical threats and vulnerabilities; and
  • Third party-verification and certification.

To learn more, please download our Regulatory Updateand stay tuned to this blog for more information about NERC reliability standards.

What are your NERC compliance challenges related to physical security? Do you have plans in place to address CIP-01401? Please share your questions and best practices in the comments section below.