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The last decade has brought dramatic transformation to the energy industry. For a building energy efficiency proponent like myself, this translates into an unprecedented opportunity for growing energy efficiency, demand response, and distributed energy generation.

With many state regulators and local jurisdictions setting their goals for carbon reduction based on deep energy retrofits, Zero Net Energy, and Distributed Energy Resources (DER), now is a compelling time to work together, exploring new frontiers and solutions to the challenges inherent in these goals.

This is why I’m pleased to join my TRC and energy industry colleagues in continuing this important conversation through the 2016 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. ACEEE Summer Study supports collaboration across utility, government, and private sectors—key to driving energy market transformation.

This is an exciting forum to share industry insights and best practices. TRC looks forward to presenting our experience and findings from new research on market characterization, energy efficiency measures, integrated design, and evaluation and verification methodologies. We are honored to do so, alongside many of our clients, whose vision and commitment helps achieve important goals from Zero Net Energy to efficiency program innovation and building standard enhancements.

I encourage you to visit the sessions at ACEEE Summer Study where I and my TRC colleagues are presenting. I also welcome you to contact us for more information on our research. Thank you and hope to see you at Asilomar in August!

Speakers & Sessions

So You Say You Have Built a ZNE Building- Prove It!
Abhijeet Pande, Associate Vice President, Building Science
Monday, August 22, 8:30am
Development of ZNE verification methodologies to assess real-world examples of ZNE projects, including varying amounts of data necessary depending on the ZNE entity/purpose as well as differing definitions of ZNE itself.

Residential Compact Domestic Hot Water Distribution Design - Balance among Energy Savings, Water Waste Reduction, and Building Design Flexibility
Farhad Farahmand, Project Manager, Building Science
Monday, August 22, 10:30am
Development of compact domestic hot water (DHW) distribution strategies for single family homes that can be implemented through efficiency programs or building standards to save energy and water and reduce hot water waiting time.

Must the Residential Lighting Market Step Back to Jump Forward?
Marian Goebes, Program Manager, Evaluation
Tuesday, August 23, 8:30am
Exploration of residential lighting market in terms of ability to meet California lighting goals and recommended strategies to guide the lighting market toward continued short-term efficiency gains and long term LED market transformation.

Using Integrated Packages to Advance Buildings towards ZNE
Gwelen Paliaga, Technical Director, Building Science
Wednesday, August 24, 8:30am
Examination of integrated design packages, with a focus on advanced HVAC strategies and enabling technologies that can optimize nonresidential building efficiency and progress towards ZNE goals.

What More Can California Do to Achieve the 2020 Residential ZNE Goals? We Asked the Market.
Stephanie Berkland, Project Manager, Building Science
Friday, August 26, 10:30am
Market characterization of California ZNE homes, including feedback from ZNE market actors on drivers and barriers to ZNE, to inform strategies to meet statewide goals for all residential new construction to by ZNE by 2020.

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Abhijeet Pande

Abhijeet  Pande

Abhijeet Pande has 15 years of experience in energy efficiency and at TRC applies his expertise in architecture and sustainable design to program development, emerging technologies, codes and standards and evaluation. He partners with utility and government clients for emerging solutions and innovative approaches to zero net energy (ZNE) building, deep energy retrofit, and other efficiency goals. As an Associate Vice President, Pande provides senior oversight for building science research, emerging technologies assessments, energy simulation studies, and field verification of savings. Contact him at