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Photo from L-R (Plaza Drive Project Team): TRC Project Designer Glenn Armstrong; TRC Structures Lead Todd Lambert; TRC Project Manager Mark Imbriani; City of Visalia Project Manager Fred Lampe; Mendoza & Associates Resident Engineer Joy Holt; and TRC Project Engineer Justina Conklin.

Last week TRC was honored to receive an award for Large Project of the Year from the Fresno Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for our work on the State Route 198/Plaza Drive Interchange in Visalia, California.

The City of Visalia started this major public works project in 2008 to widen Plaza Drive from two to four or six lanes over a distance of 1.5 miles between Airport Drive on the south and Goshen Avenue on the north. It is the largest consultant designed local agency project in the area. Plaza Drive provides access to growing commercial and industrial areas in Visalia and carries 13,800 vehicles per day, including heavy truck traffic.

Plaza Drive Interchange: Before

Plaza Drive Interchange: Before

As part of the project, auxiliary lanes were constructed on SR 198 between Plaza Drive and SR 99. The work included widening the structure overcrossing SR 198 from three to seven lanes to improve traffic circulation and capacity. Four retaining walls were required to minimize impacts to a hotel, park, and high-risk utility fiber-optic and gas lines.

Plaza Drive Interchange: After

Plaza Drive Interchange: After

TRC engineers performed the planning and design for this $26 million project which will promote economic growth across Tulare County by improving access to employment centers and enhancing the movement of goods. The wider roadway and enlarged interchange will alleviate traffic congestion and provide better access to Visalia’s Industrial Park, which houses many major product distribution centers serving the Western U.S. With better traffic flow, fuel consumption will be reduced and air quality in the area will improve. Travel time for motorists will also be reduced, and safety will be enhanced. The project was completed in November 2013.

Plaza Drive Interchange, Visalia, California

The ASCE Large Project Award is the most prestigious the Fresno Chapter bestows. ASCE National President-Elect Dr. Robert Stevens attended the awards ceremony as did a crowd of almost 100 local agency officials and consulting engineering firms. It was a great event all around.

TRC has worked with the City of Visalia since 2000 on three interchange projects along the SR198 corridor. We are proud to support the community as it continues to enhance the local transportation infrastructure, and we are honored to be recognized alongside our client for our joint successes.

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​Mark Imbriani, PE

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