Blog   |   Jul 10th, 2012 New and Improved Causeway Greets Summer Beach Goers in New Jersey


Your road trip to the Jersey Shore just got easier- and safer.

This summer, travelers between Somers Point and Ocean City, New Jersey will enjoy better flowing traffic, enhanced scenic views, and improved access to local businesses and amenities as they cross the newly redesigned Route 52 Causeway Bridge.

Before construction began to improve the two mile long Causeway in 2006, nearly 40,000 vehicles per day experienced endless traffic tie ups and congestion. Two old and unreliable draw bridges stopped travel up to 20 times a day to let maritime traffic pass. Not to mention the structure itself was deteriorating and had narrow lanes with no emergency pull off space.

But now, as a result of the largest, most expensive project in the history of the New Jersey Department of Transportation, that has all changed.

The new Causeway officially opened last month. It boasts two 12 feet wide lanes in each direction, shoulders for disabled and emergency vehicles, and two fixed-span bridges, 55 feet high, allowing boats to carry on their way without stopping traffic.

Not only has this critical evacuation route been made safer and more efficient for travel, the improvements are helping to revive the surrounding area- it’s more attractive and more accessible for visitors and businesses. In the coming months, even more improvements will be made. Boat ramps will be added, as will fishing piers, scenic overlooks, pedestrian paths and a welcome center.

My team of engineers at TRC are proud to have been a part of this project that has so many benefits for the people of New Jersey. For two years, we conducted pile dynamics analysis testing on the new Causeway Bridge structures to ensure they were safe and sound from a geotechnical stand point. The testing provided real-time structural stress and pile integrity data to the Causeway’s construction team, helping them meet the project’s requirements on-time and within specific safety parameters.

The new Route 52 Causeway was a long time in the making. Check out some of the interesting media coverage of the project’s opening, as well as a great video slide show.

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Craig Olson, PE

Craig Olson, PE

Craig H. Olson is a degreed professional, experienced in Pile Dynamic Analysis (PDA) testing for TRC Engineers, Mount Laurel, NJ. He has taken and passed the Foundation QA Institute exam in High Strain Dynamic Pile Testing. In addition to the PDA testing projects, he has performed related testing services such as vibration and sound monitoring for public and private sector construction projects. He has also designed, developed and tested various aerospace subsystems for vibration and acoustic response over the past 25 years. During his technical career, he had responsibility as a test engineer and test conductor at domestic and international aerospace test facilities with General Electric and Lockheed Martin. During his career he also served in project management roles for mechanical systems and testing of construction and aerospace projects. Contact Craig at