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Trc Navigate Maze Trc Regulatory Update

Federal environmental health and safety regulations are constantly changing. So each year TRC experts examine the regulatory landscape and assemble all the new standards, policies, agency initiatives and court rulings in one convenient place – the 2018 TRC Regulatory Update, which provides the latest information on key federal regulations, policies and rulings for the new year.

The list of entities, facilities and activities affected by these new or amended regulations is vast. This update focuses on regulations that have the biggest impact on the energy, oil and gas, manufacturing, construction and rail sectors. Many of the regulations affect businesses across multiple sectors, such as those who operate powered industrial trucks or underground storage tanks, while others are narrowly tailored to certain industries or activities.

Many of our clients who have responsibility for environmental health and safety compliance are also involved in sustainability reporting and risk management. So the regulatory update includes information on upcoming changes to the common sustainability standards

The 2018 TRC Regulatory Update makes it easier for you to:

  • Identify applicable regulatory changes from the Environmental Protection Agency, Occupational Health and Safety Administration, Mine Safety and Health Administration, and Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.
  • Plan for resource allocation needs to address applicable changes in 2018.
  • Proactively manage regulatory, strategic and reputational risk related to environmental health and safety or sustainability management.

When it comes to helping you understand and follow the regulations and manage regulatory, strategic and reputational risk, TRC has experts across all of the fields above – in 120 offices across the United States – who are eager to work with you as partners. Visit TRC’s Services page to learn all the ways in which TRC can assist you.

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Blog Author

Kari Keegan

Kari Keegan

Kari Keegan is a Senior Technical Specialist in TRC’s Engineering, Consulting and Remediation group. She has more than 20 years of general compliance experience, including EPCRA reporting and auditing, TSCA compliance, CFATS applicability and air permitting for a wide variety of manufacturing industries.