Blog   |   Mar 20th, 2012 MGP Redevelopment: Defining the Risk, Developing the Solution, Implementing a Remedy


For more than 150 years, beginning in the late 1800s, manufactured gas plants (MGP) turned coal into gas that fueled homes and industry across the U.S. Although manufactured gas was phased out (replaced by cheaper natural gas) and the thousands of plants across the country were closed by the mid-1900s, we are still grappling with their environmental legacy.

Cleanup is complicated not only because of the complex contaminants left behind but also because of unique site characteristics including sites that have been built over and reused before underlying environmental issues were ever identified.

On March 27-30, the Fourth International Symposium & Exhibition on the Redevelopment of Manufactured Gas Plant Sites will bring together site owners, regulators, engineers and contractors to discuss the approaches and challenges of MGP site remediation.

As part of the event, I will be making a poster presentation – “Migration of Coal Tar and PAHs from Sediment by Ebullition vs. Dissolved, Advective Transport ”about the importance of ebullition in determining environmental risk and designing a successful remedy at MGP sediment sites. You can learn more during the Poster session on March 29 from 4:30-6:30 PM.

My colleague, John Rice, P.E., P.H. will also be making a presentation at MGP 2012. As part of Session 4 on March 28, John will discuss “Design, Construction, and Monitoring of a Sediment Cap to Control NAPL Migration from Sediment.” He will highlight TRC’s patent pending sediment capping technologies that address NAPL-containing sediment at MGP sites. The peer-reviewed and published science and engineering behind these patents has been presented to the EPA, EPRI, the MGP Consortium, GLNPO, SMWG, several state agencies, Battelle and at other forums.

If you have compliance and cleanup concerns related to former MGP sites, we welcome your questions and comments via this blog. And if you will be attending MGP 2012, please visit us at Booth 114 to discuss how TRC can help your projects achieve success. We’ll also be giving away the new iPad– so see us for your chance to win!

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Tom Stolzenburg, Ph.D

Tom Stolzenburg, Ph.D

Dr. Stolzenburg has co-authored over a dozen papers and presentations in the last 5 years on state-of-the-art science and engineering at MGP sediment sites. He and his colleagues at TRC have several patent applications, based on over 10 years of laboratory and in-field research. This work has been presented to individual utilities, USEPA Regions, state agencies, MGP Consortium, EPRI, Battelle, and elsewhere. Contact Tom at