Article   |   Apr 1st, 2014 Toward Better Buildings: Resources for Managing IAQ During Construction


EPA estimates that, on a yearly basis, many Americans spend an average of ninety percent of their time indoors, where concentrations of certain pollutants may be two to five times higher than outdoor levels. Over the past few decades, this confluence of pollutants and people has led to the development of the indoor air quality (IAQ) field as a sub-category of industrial hygiene practice. Since the late 1990s the IAQ field has grown rapidly, and many IAQ practitioners have spent virtually their entire careers working in offices, schools, and homes, rather than traditional IH settings such as factories and manufacturing facilities.

This article discusses the unique IAQ issues associated with construction sites and reviews guidelines that focus on construction and IAQ. It also introduces the requirements in the latest version of the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) program for construction IAQ management plans, and for the assessment of select IAQ parameters following completion of construction, but prior to occupancy. With this information, industrial hygienists who want to provide IAQ services during the construction process will be better able to meet their clients’ needs.

Read more in the full article published in the Synergist, the magazine of the American Industrial Hygiene Association.