Article   |   Nov 5th, 2015 State Policies and NEPA Drive Climate Assessments in EIAs


In an interview with the Climate Change Business Journal, TRC’s Southern California practice leader for Planning, Permitting & Licensing, Richard Burke discusses climate change in environmental assessment, evolving policy drivers in the United States and how oil and gas companies are incorporating climate risk in their design and construction of infrastructure such as pipelines.

He addresses questions including:

  • Where and how is climate change becoming a factor in the environmental assessments prepared for clients?
  • Are there some vulnerable states that aren’t proactive due to their politics?
  • How do oil and gas companies incorporate climate change into their environmental management plants or EIAs for specific projects
  • What new or emerging policies are driving greater consideration of climate change in EIAs?
  • How well is the environmental industry is doing at incorporating climate change in EIAs?

Please download the full article from the Climate Change Business Journal to read more.