Article   |   May 24th, 2016 Solar On Landfills: The next frontier for sustainability

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Though improvements in energy efficiency have made a significant impact, overall energy demand has continued to rise, and the need for new and innovative ways to generate power is higher than ever. At the same time, questions arise of where to install new generation facilities in densely populated areas, and what can be done with brownfields and landfills where residential and commercial construction is impractical.

In response to these growing needs, turning brownfields to brightfields by installing solar panels is a practical solution gaining popularity across North America.

Hybrid projects such as these are extremely important to maintaining an adequate energy generation output, and they allow developers to reuse land that would have otherwise gone to waste. Repurposing these sites contributes to environmental sustainability efforts, and discourages the wasting of resources by offering solutions to maximize the value of a given location. In addition, these conversion sites create jobs and provide educational opportunities for all those involved. Most importantly, however, these sites generate significant financial savings, and provide clean energy to local communities.

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