Article   |   Feb 25th, 2014 Seconds Matter in a Shelter in Place Scenario

B 0314 Shelter GoodShelter

When conditions outside get tough, where will building occupants go?

Your facility must be ready to serve as a refuge when a natural disaster, crime in progress, or chemical spill make it too dangerous to leave. But your occupants may not even know where to hunker down, especially if you’re not reinforcing the information regularly or your emergency plans are scant on sheltering details.

Every person in your building should be moved to safety within five minutes of notification that sheltering is necessary, and seconds could make the difference between life, serious injury, and death, says Scott Tezak, practice lead for security and emergency preparedness at TRC Companies Inc., a national engineering, consulting, and construction management firm with offerings in security technology and emergency preparedness.

But where exactly is the safest place, and how can you herd everyone there in time?

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