Article   |   Sep 7th, 2016 Coal Power Plant Post-Retirement Options

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Deciding to retire a coal-fired unit is often a tough call, but even tougher decisions follow. The next steps taken by a generation owner have multiple economic, environmental, and stakeholder consequences.

TRC's Ed Malley, Vice President of Power & Utility Development, is the author of Coal Power Plant Post-Retirement Options published in the September issue of Power Magazine. 

Ed reviews the lessons learned and best practices developed as a result of recent coal plant closures and covers: 

  • The timing of retirements;
  • The financial impacts;
  • Preparing for retirement;
  • Post retirement options including retirement and decommissioning; as-is sale; conversion to natural gas; replacement with new generation; sale for redevelopment and more; 
  • How to be prepared. 

Generating companies have options for units facing retirement, but they need a playbook to define and evaluate alternatives. The right strategy, executed well, can be very powerful for both the owner and the local community. Unfortunately the wrong strategy, even if it is executed well, can hurt for a long time.

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