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TRC’s innovative single family new construction program empowers builders to adopt energy-efficient designs that meet and exceed California’s ambitious building code.



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To assist builders in preparing for and exceeding California Energy Efficiency Standard Title 24 Part 6 building code, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) offers the California Advanced Homes Program (CAHP). CAHP is designed to encourage builders to adopt energy-saving designs through an escalating incentive structure and bonus incentives for achieving sustainability goals and certifications.

TRC provides turn-key implementation for CAHP, including marketing and recruitment, builder and rater training, design assistance, plan review, construction and verification services. Through CAHP, we connect builders to a trade ally network of energy consultants and HERS raters, recognize top builder participants via project case studies, and promote building best practices via e-marketing, intensive technical support and training.  

Since TRC began administering CAHP in 2011, the program has achieved impressive results:

  • 10.5 GWh and 1,944,951 Therms of energy savings and 18,670 kW in demand reductions
  • Nearly $21 million in incentives paid for more than 17,000 single family homes
  • Average performance of 27% above Title 24 code

In 2013, TRC redesigned the Program in accordance with the Title 24 code change. The redesign shifted program metrics away from above-code measurement to progress toward the state’s ambitious Zero Net Energy (ZNE) goals and deeper market transformation. 

In 2015, TRC expanded CAHP to include a code-readiness option: CAHP Master Builder. Through CAHP Master Builder, TRC helps builders with early adoption of measures slated for the next code cycle. We are working with leading builders across the four California investor-owned utility territories to incorporate two advanced practices of 2016 code measures: a) high performance attics, and b) high performance walls. This work represents one of the most progressive code-readiness initiatives for builders in the state.

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