Construction Monitoring Services

TRC has been providing Substation and Transmission Line construction monitoring services to the Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) for more than 5 years.



Public Service Company of New Mexico

Project Location

New Mexico

TRC’s construction monitoring and inspection services offers extremely knowledgeable and experienced individuals who provide a wide range of tasks driven by the client’s specific needs.

TRC’s construction services are performed as a staff augmentation role and our tasks include, but are not limited to: Transmission and Substation equipment inspections, utility crew field management, equipment and material coordination, construction supervision for transmission and substation projects, creating and implementing QA/QC and safety programs, and oversight and inspection of equipment testing, maintenance and repairs.

Our TRC team is able to work very closely with the utility and continues to respond to this client’s needs quickly and effectively. The majority of our Albuquerque construction team have gained much of their knowledge and experience by working directly for the client in the past, which only has increased our relationship and reputation with PNM.

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