Antelope Transmission Security Engineering

TRC provided engineering services to design access control, intrusion, and video surveillance systems for three new substations built by Southern California Edison as part of the Antelope Transmission Project.



JRB and Associates; Southern California Edison

Project Location

Kern County, California

In an effort to accommodate future growth and increased use of solar and renewable energy, Southern California Edison (SCE) recently completed the construction of three new substations in Kern County, CA. This project consisted of the Highwind Substation and the Windhub Substation, in addition to 9.6 miles of 220-kV transmission line facilities connecting them and 25.6 miles of 500-kV transmission line facilities between Windhub Substation and Antelope Substation, which are collectively referred to as Segment 3 of the Project. The 21.0 miles of 500-kV transmission line facilities and the 0.6 miles of 220-kV transmission line facilities between Antelope and Vincent Substations are referred to as Segment 2 of the Project.

TRC provided installation-level design drawings showing the point-by-point installation and connection of sophisticated video surveillance, intrusion detection, and access control systems at these two new substations in Southern California.

The drawings and documents provided by TRC encompass a level of detail that allows SCE to direct the purchase of equipment and services ahead of schedule, and allows the flexible selection of installation resources while ensuring appropriate equipment and installation standards are followed, even under challenging construction environments.

This multi-phased, multi-site project required the design team to manage all aspects of design with various sites moving through the phases of design in stages.

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