Strategic “Green” Environmental Services for Philadelphia Airports

TRC was retained for an on-call contract environmental services task which includes successful landfill waste diversion.



City of Philadelphia, Division of Aviation

Project Location

Philadelphia, PA

TRC has been retained by the City of Philadelphia, Division of Aviation, to perform a variety of on-call environmental services under a 4-year contract at the Philadelphia International Airport and Philadelphia Northeast Airport, including various tasks related to strategic planning and advice. Under this contract, tasks have included routine compliance services, as well as strategic consulting related to “green” and sustainability measures at the Airports.


  • Provided Greenhouse Gas (GHG)/Air Regulation Reporting assessment to determine the applicability of December 2009 EPA Regulations relative to the Airports’ GHG inventory, including all stationary fuel combustion units.
  • Provide and review climate change adaptation strategies, related to “critical assets” to ensure sustainable operations.
  • Evaluated Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) BMPs at various locations, and establish the O&M procedures to ensure sustainable operation.
  • Piloted testing at various test plots at Philadelphia Northeast Airport of turf (grass) and native meadows that provide good cover and stormwater infiltration, while deterring bird interest and resulting air strikes.
  • Improved the efficiency of solid waste management operations to increase recycling diversion rates and provide other environmental/operational benefits and efficiencies while reducing costs.

The landfill waste diversion rate increased from 6% in 2008 to nearly 30% in 2012. Food establishments achieved Zero Waste (i.e. 91% waste diversion, including organics). The average waste diversion rate for a terminal pilot area was 68-73%, confirming that significant improvements to the Airport-wide diversion rates are feasible.

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