Rehabilitation of US 190 over the Mississippi River

75-year-old Baton Rouge landmark structure gets a much needed rehabilitation from TRC in an accelerated manner.


Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development

Project Location

East Baton Rouge Parrish, LA

TRC was retained by the LA Department of Transportation and Development (LADOTD) to provide plans, specifications and estimates (PS&E) associated with the $90 million plus structural rehabilitation, cleaning, and painting of this major railroad/highway bridge across the Mississippi River. Opened to traffic in 1940, the bridge consists of 8,884 feet of railroad approach spans, 2,552 feet of highway approach spans, and 3,326 feet of five cantilever steel truss main spans. Known as the Huey P. Long Bridge, it is similar in configuration to another “Huey P. Long Bridge” in New Orleans. Prior to its recent painting, the bridge was famous for its orange color, a paint scheme chosen because of its close proximity to a bauxite aluminum plant which discolored the bridge.

Rehabilitation included complete cleaning and painting, along with general structural rehabilitation of various bridge members. Structural elements that required rehabilitation or replacement included: cross frame chord members and connection angles, top lateral bracing members, main truss vertical and diagonal lacing bars, deteriorated interior stiffeners of main truss verticals, deteriorated diagonals at portals, anchor bolt and columns for approach bents, bearing pins and corroded bearings, false chord expansion devices, and cracked gusset plates. Work also addressed the patching of concrete spalls at bearings and retaining walls, and the application of an epoxy co-polymer overlay system to the existing deck.

The original schedule for Phase 1 of the project was for a delivery date in March 2012 for Design Documents. When surplus funds became available, the DOTD made a request to TRC in mid-June of 2011 for Stamped and Signed Drawings by the end of August 2011 in order to receive funding authorized from the FHWA. A total of 297 stamped and signed sheets were subsequently submitted by the requested date which enabled the DOTD to meet their obligation to the FHWA.

TRC was rated “Outstanding” in 3 of 5 Evaluation Categories. Comments included: “Plans are very high quality and detailed.” / “Communication with this Consultant is excellent.” / “Responded very well and worked extra to meet extremely tight schedule.”

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