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TRC assists Class I Railroad with implementing federally-mandated safety technology along hundreds of miles of right-of-way.



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In response to enactment of the Rail Safety Improvement Act on October 16, 2008 which included the implementation of Positive Train Control (PTC) technology across most of the U.S. rail network, TRC was retained by one of the nation’s Class I Railroads to assist with the installation of PTC within the existing right-of-way of the client’s tracks covering hundreds of miles. Specifically, TRC’s involvement included the provision of Environmental Site Management and Biological Monitoring due to the fact that the installation sites impacted a variety of natural habitats ranging from oak woodlands and annual grasslands, to tidal marshes and stream courses.

TRC inspected each of the proposed construction areas to assess whether sensitive areas would or would not be disturbed and determine whether any additional mitigation measures were necessary. In addition, TRC provided worker education training to the contractor’s to ensure that they were aware of the biological resources that were present and the state and federal laws that were in place to protect the impacted plants and wildlife species.

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