Mulberry Street Bridge Rehabilitation

Historic, 100-year-old structure gets a much needed upgrade under the watchful eye of TRC’s expert construction professionals.


Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Project Location

Harrisburg, PA

TRC is presently providing Construction Management and Construction Inspection services for this $12 million project which involves a rehabilitation of the Mulberry Street Bridge, an historic 18-span reinforced concrete ribbed arch structure having a total length of 1,600 feet in the City of Harrisburg. The roadway carries two (2) traffic lanes of SR 3012 and flanking sidewalk areas including barrier and railings. Constructed in 1909, the bridge carries approximately 10,000 vehicles a day from the central part (4th Street) of the City of Harrisburg across Paxton Creek Valley to the suburb of Allison Hill and crosses 10th Street, Cameron Street, and Norfolk Southern and AMTRAK railroad facilities.

TRC has been responsible for a variety of construction management services that have included such preconstruction tasks as reviews of special provisions and plans, field views to validate proper item #s and specials, and attendance at design meetings. TRC staff also created a construction schedule which replaced the designer’s construction schedule. During construction, such CM responsibilities were expanded to include, among other duties: Administration of the construction contract; Coordination with affected agencies and groups; Scheduling and hosting bi-weekly progress meetings, and other specialty meetings as needed; Evaluating and monitoring the project schedule; Reviewing, tracking and monitoring all RFIs, inquiries, and contractor plans; Evaluating, defining, and negotiating extra and changes to contract work; and Implementation of a project documentation control system.

Once construction commenced in the spring of 2014, TRC assigned a full-time construction inspection staff consisting of an Inspection Manager, two Construction Inspectors and a Trainee to provide inspection of the following work:

  • Replacement of the bituminous wearing surface and structure deck slab with a new bonded concrete overlay
  • Removal and replacement of the existing sidewalk and parapet (railing)
  • Localized areas of rehabilitation (arch ribs, floorbeams and substructure) using formed concrete repairs
  • Replacement of the drainage system and deck joints
  • Reconstructed roadway approaches
  • Upgraded bridge lighting

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