Crescent City Connection Bridges and Facilities

Signature New Orleans bridges undergo scrutiny by TRC inspection teams as part of regular mandated inspection program.


Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development

Project Location

New Orleans, LA

TRC Engineers was retained by Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LADOTD) to perform a physical condition inspection of certain facilities owned by or in the domain of the Crescent City Connection Division (CCCD) which funds, operates and maintains toll crossings of the Mississippi River in New Orleans. The primary focus of the contract centered around two parallel high-level cantilever truss bridges (Crescent City Connection Bridges) with approaches forming a couplet, as well as three ferry crossings and approximately 14 miles of elevated structure. Tied for being the fifth-longest cantilever bridges in the world, the Crescent City Connection bridges are also the widest and most heavily-traveled bridges on the lower Mississippi.

In addition to these structures, our services also included facility inspections for six ferry terminals; a ferry maintenance facility, toll plaza and tunnel; a pump station; a power generator station; a fueling station; and administration, maintenance and police buildings.

TRC has managed two separate cycles of this contract. The inspections that were performed annually included approximately one-half of the CCCD structures that were to be inspected under established biennial requirements, with the remaining half receiving a maintenance-type inspection. The following year the levels of inspection were reversed such that all structures received a biennial inspection within a two-year period.

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