Utica Shale Natural Gas Processing Plants

TRC provides key QA/QC functions during the construction of two Ohio natural gas processing plants.



MarkWest Energy Partners

Project Location

Caditz and Flushing, OH

TRC was retained to provide NDT/NDE services as part of the overall QA/QC programs that were implemented during the construction of two natural gas processing plants in Harrison County (Village of Caditz) and Belmont County (Village of Flushing) Ohio. Developed by MarkWest Energy Partners, the largest of the two plants is located on a 207-acre site in the village of Cadiz’s industrial park and will receive natural gas via pipelines from wells drilled throughout the Utica shale. It has the capacity to process 200 million cubic feet of gas a day. The second plant, Arrowhead, is located approximately 15 miles way in the village of Flushing and is a refrigeration gas processing mini-plant that is capable of processing 40 million cubic feet of gas per day.

During construction of this massive project, TRC assigned Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) in the field who were responsible for performing a host of QA/QC activities including:

  • CWI-Visual Weld inspection activities
  • NDE (Ultrasonic and Magnetic Particle inspection) of welded pipe joints
  • Qualification of on-site weld operators
  • Preparation and logging of all weld joint locations that were evaluated
  • Witnessing of all non-destructive testing by outside consultants, including radiographic inspection of all full penetration welds that were installed
  • Radiographic film interpretation of test results
  • Continuous monitoring of site welders

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