Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures Plan Development

TRC's completion of SPCC plans supported the recertification of the client's bulk oil storage facilities at the end of an existing 5 year review period. 



Fabian Oil, Inc.

Project Location


Fabian Oil, Inc. operates bulk oil storage plants at three locations in Maine. To maintain compliance with the federal oil pollution prevention regulations (40 CFR 112), as well as address facility modifications, the Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plans for all three bulk plants needed to be updated and recertified by a professional engineer. 

TRC gathered facility and emergency response information; performed the site visits and observed the existing oil storage equipment and loading and unloading racks; evaluated potential flow paths, discharge scenarios, and secondary containment systems; and assessed the adequacy of the existing security at each site and the inspection and training programs.

The SPCC Plans were prepared to meet the applicable U.S. EPA regulations (40 CFR 112.1 through 112.8).  TRC also confirmed that the bulk plants and SPCC Plans were also in general conformance with the applicable State of Maine oil spill prevention and response regulations.  

Fabian Oil, Inc. received plans that were prepared in a consistent format to ensure familiarity with where critical information is located in the plans when corporate personnel are called to respond to incidents at different facilities.  In addition, TRC revised the tank inspection program to be consistent with the current Steel Tank Institute standards (SP-001, 5th edition).  

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